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Journey Bombay To Goa - Laughter Unlimited Songs Download Hindi

Journey Bombay To Goa - Laughter Unlimited Songs Download Hindi
Cast: Sunil Pal, Raju Shrivastava, Ehsaan Qureshi, Tinu Anand, Vijay Raaz,
Naveen Prabhakar, Rauf Lala, Asrani, Jagdeep, Paintal, Dinesh Hingoo,
Viju Khote, Birbal, Manorama, Pran, Manmouji, Deepak Shirke, Ranjeet,
Bharat Kapoor, Sudhir Pandey, Nafisa , Banwarilal Jhol, Anirudh Agarwal,
Sanjay Mishra, Mac Mohan, Shakti Kapoor, Deepak Raja, Khayali
Bajrang Badshah, Payal Desai, Aasif Sheikh, Sheila Sharma, Raj Kanojia
Music: Sajid Wajid Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed Year: 2007
Banner: JMJ Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Producer: Humayu Rangilla Director: Raj Pendharkar
01. Bombay To Goa - Bappi Lahiri
02. Kamjaraf - Shehla Burney
03. Lawani - Sonu Kakkad
04. Laaj Sharam - Shehla Burney
05. Let's Enjoy - Jubeen
06. Bombay To Goa - Shehla Burney

Team Songs Download Hindi

Team Songs Download Hindi
Cast: Sohail Khan, Amrita Arora, Aarti Chhabria, Yash Tonk, Vrajesh Hirjee
Mushtaq Khan, Pankaj Berry, Sayaji Shinde, Kulbhushan Kharbanda,
Shahbaaz Khan
Music: Daboo Malik
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed, Kunwar Juneja, Praveen Bharadwaj, Sameer
Year: 2007
Banner: ABC Pictures Pvt Ltd
Producer: Sohail Khan
Director: Ajay Chandok
01. Chika Chika Boom - Sunidhi Chauhan, Daboo Malik
02. Satrangi - Sunidhi Chauhan , Vinod Rathod
03. Hamara Haal - Shreya Ghosal
04. Kal Tak To - Shreya Ghosal, Babul Supriyo
05. Satrangi [Remix] - Daboo Malik
06. Kal Tak To [Unplugged] - Daboo Malik
07. Thaare Vaaste [Shakalaka Boom Boom] - Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan
08. It's Rocking [Kya Love Story Hai] - Alisha Chinoy

Bow Barracks Forever Songs Download

Bow Barracks Forever Songs Download
Cast: Lilette Dubey, Neha Dubey, Moon Moon Sen, Sabyasachi Chakravarthy,
Usha Uthup,chandan Sen,Renu Roy,Arindam Sil,Victor Banerjee,
Shahbaaz Khan, Roopa Ganguly,Sohini Pal,Avijit Dutt,Kunal Padhi,
Sohag Sen, Purnadarshan Gupta, Nawal Joshi, Arijit Dutta, Barry Saviel,
Aakash Dave, Kanchan Mullick, Tapan Chaki, George Baker
Music: Anjan Dutt
Lyrics: Anjan Dutt, Neel Dutt Year: 2007
Producer: Pritish Nandy, Rangita Pritish Nandy
Director: Anjan Dutt
01. Jab Maine Dekha Use Standing There - Shaan
02. Home - Dominique
03. Teri Meri Merry Christmas - Usha Uthup
04. Bow Barracks Forever - Anjan Dutt
05. Dance Through The Night - Dibyendu
06. The Bright Young [Love Theme] - Anjan Dutt, Neel Dutt
07. The Lost Glory - Anjan Dutt, Neel Dutt

Naqaab Hindi Songs Download

Cast: Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Urvashi Sharma, Vikas Kalantri
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Sameer
Year: 2007
Producer: Kumar S. Taurani, Ramesh S. Taurani
Director: Abbas Mustan

01. Ek Din Teri Raahon - Javed Ali
02. Aye Dil Paagal Mere [Remix] - Sonu Nigam
03. Aa Dil Se Dil Mila Le - Alisha Chinai, Krishna
04. Aye Dil Paagal Mere [Remix] - Sunidhi Chauhan
05. Ek Din Teri [Remix] - Zubin Garg
06. Aa Dil Se Dil Mila Le [Remix] - Alisha Chinai, Krishna
07. Aye Dil Paagal Mere - Sonu Nigam
08. Disguised Intentions - Instrumental

Telugu Film News

Gossip: Hero-Heroine Spent A Day In Guest House

This is the new gossip that is circling in Film Nagar. It is said that a hero and a heroine spent a full day at a guest house located in Sri Nagar Colony.

But what they did inside is not known but can be only imagined depending on the culture of everyone's brain. The gossip is so wild that it did spread within a few hours.

The proofs are not there but the talk is hot. The hero and heroine paired up for a recent film that is about to release. The heroine is known for her hot image and Yoga!

Buzz: SRK to act in Shankar’s next film?

Robo – the pet project of film director Shankar has been dormant for several years. The ace director always wanted to make a sci-fi film which he said would be a dream come true. Initially it was proposed to start the film with Kamal Haasan in the lead role but it did not take off due to various difficulties. The project was then shelved for a while, when Shankar started working on the mega blockbuster Sivaji with Rajnikanth.

Now that the film Sivaji was declared to be a super hit and Shankar high on success, the news is making rounds that he has picked up the Robo script again and the talk was that actor Ajith would be taken in the lead role.

However, according to close NRI sources, the director has approached with the story of Robo to none other than Shah Rukh Khan when they met recently and if the sources are to be believed the Badshah of Bollywood was impressed with the storyline of Robo and had given Shankar the nod.

‘Bahumathi’ Review: ‘OK’ For Families

Film: Bahumathi

Cast: Venu Sangeetha, Shabana Khan, Krishna Bhagwan, Sunil, Ali, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu etc
Art: JP
Editing: KV Krishna Reddy
Camera: Jawahar Reddy
Dialogues: Diamond Rathna Babu
Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra,Kaluva Krishna Sai
Producer: Venkat
Music-Screenplay-Story-Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
Release Date: 30th June 2007

Venkata Ramana (Venu) is a Police Inspector who believes in idealistic society. He stands on his word and never gets back his promise if made any. His aim is to remove woes of all orphans and give them good education. Bhanumathi (Sangeetha) is his wife who is money minded and not at all interested in family life. She turns out to be a wild hard nut to crack for the husband. She makes him buy a Lottery Ticket every time for the desire of money.

Out of surprise one fine day he gets the prize worth Rs 10 Crore. But he promises to give 50% of that amount to Dharani (Shabana Khan) who is a waitress in a Hotel.

Why he promises that? How Dharani is linked to Venkata Ramana. Finally, how he manages to give that over riding his wild wife?

That has to be watched on silver screen.


Venu is normal and portrayed an idealistic role something similar to that of ‘Sada Mee Sevalo’. Sangeetha is hot and beautiful in various designer wear saris. But still there is bigger scope to show her more appealing. Shabana Khan is average and it appears to be first and last film of her. She has to work a lot in performance aspects if she wants to continue in Tollywood.

Dialogues are average where the comedy track sounds appealing: Here are the worth mentioning scenes in this film those promise enough of entertainment.

1. Krishna Bhagawan’s style of dialogue delivery in all scenes
2. Sunil’s performance as advocate
3. Sunil’s dance for the song ‘Ziddi’
4. Ali-Brahmanandam’s comedy track
5. Court scene between Kota and Sunil

SV Krishna Reddy’s music is pleasing to senses for a couple of songs. But he made it chaotic for the song during Lottery Announcement.

First half of the film closes abruptly with no big twist at interval. Second half runs with comedy and court scenes. The comedy element in the film is just adequate and Ali-Brahmanandam’s track is completely separate from the main story.

It appears to be ‘Subhalagnam’ while looking at the spirit of the film. It’s a narration with money minded wife and a husband with idealistic views. Sangeetha plays negative role in it. The point to be mentioned is that there is no sentiment and tear jerking aspects in this film till the end. SV Krishna Reddy made the film run on lighter note through out. The film targets B and C centers and it is a perfect ‘No’ for the taste of youth and teenagers. In general, films show repentance of negative characters at the climax. But here there is no such repentance drama. Films show how foolish money minded lady gets into the trap of other cunning men. But here it’s other way round. On a whole, the film is a typical entertainer although made on beaten track to large extent.

The fate of this film depends on the patronage of family audiences of B,C centers.

Hindi Movie Review : Awarapan - Stay off the cinema hall

Human trafficking is a menace that most nations are today trying to do away with. Emraan Hashmi-starrer Awarapan is an attempt to portray this scourge. The serious bit of the review ends here.

Awarapan starts in an exotic night club of Hong Kong and goes on to a port where a delivery of people is to be offloaded. This is where Reema (Mrinalini Sharma) is introduced. When she realises the light of the day, off she runs to save herself.

A predictable camera chase later, she is recaptured only to blare "Give me my freedom. Leave me alone." That is the premise of the movie (in case you missed it).

Cut two, and we have Shivam (Emraan Hashmi ), Gangster Malik's (Ashutosh Rana) most trust-worthy man. Mesmerized by Reema, Malik asks Shivam to find if she has a man in her life. Loyalist Shivam keeps a watch on Reema.

Then follow song sequences that make you yearn for an urgent nip tuck� be it Mrinalini for her bad dancing skills and woody movements or Pritam whose excessive electronica makes you reach for your ear muffs.

A flashback here reveals Shivam's past. While escaping the clutches of the police, bandit Shivam bumps into Aliya (Shreya Saran). Looking as pretty as ever, she tries to coax him to buy a pigeon she is selling and release it, as a karmic cleanser. Unperturbed he continues his run, not before realising that he has fallen for her.

Their meetings continue, with Aliya making all attempts to induce some faith in Imran. Then bad luck has a lucky day and the couple is caught by Aliya's father, who tries to knock some sense into Aliya. Shivam professes his love for her and hands over the gun to her father. In the bid to shoot Shivam, her father shoots Aliya. Flashback's over.

Back to present, Shivam continues to keep a watch on Reema, and happens to stumble upon Bilal, her love interest. When this news reaches Malik, he orders the assignation of Reema. Another flash back and the loyalist Shivam seems to get jelly feet with the very thought of killing Reema. Yet he barges into their home and fires six bullets, which even at close range missed the couple. Divine interventions, he concludes.

What follows is predictable. An unhappy villain, a lot of dishum dishum and gunfire et al.

And so as to leave no stone unturned, the director eve assures that the villain's entire family is wiped off. In what seems to be a rather cheesy end, the viewer is reminded (finally!) of the premise of the movie -- "Give me my freedom. Leave me alone."

Mrinalini could sure do with some better facial expressions. As for Emraan, he desparately needs a better stylist and Shreya a new makeup man. Talent Ashutosh is wasted and so is Shreya.
On a radio show this week, a very confident Emraan had proclaimed that if anyone does not enjoy the movie, he shall pay them back the ticket money. Well, I have preserved my ticket and await a refund.

Did anyone mention human trafficking?

Hindi Movie Review : Apne - Watch it for knock-out Dharmendra

Magic has no expiry date. Nor does it ever lose its touch.

That is what makes Dharmendra so timeless. The seventy plus actor, known for his devastating good looks, emotional demeanour and remarkable body of work, reminds us why he is so special.

There is a lot of actor in him left untapped. And unlike his previously embarrassing outings (Kis Kis Ki Kismat and Hum Kaun Hain?) which failed to assert so, Anil Sharma's Apne allows him to demonstrate just that.

There's also this curiosity factor of seeing the three Deols -- Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby share screen space for the first time. One appreciates the delicate bonding between the genuinely warm-hearted Jats.

In essence, Apne is not so much a boxer's fairy tale, as it is a family kerchief caper that salutes the 'can do' spirit. Here's how:

Having been banned from the world of boxing on false doping charges, former Olympics silver medallist Baldev Singh Chaudhry (Dharmendra) retires to a life of haunting humiliation and growing resentment.

His hopes of seeing elder son, Angad (Sunny Deol) restore his lost honour are squashed, after the latter refuses to play the 'worthless' game. Going by the fate he meets in the ring, you can't really blame him for thinking so. Instead, at the risk of evoking his boxing-obsessed father's wrath, he throws himself in revolutionizing agricultural farming.

His kid brother Karan (Bobby Deol ), partially handicapped post a childhood mishap, takes up music as a profession.

With neither son inclined to the sport to which he gave his all, Baldev becomes increasingly bitter. An ungrateful coaching experience (Aryan Vaid ) shatters Baldev completely.

His break-down triggers something in Karan and his until now paralysed arm is miraculously healed. He resolves to fulfil his father's lifetime wish of becoming an international boxing champion.

After rigorous training, our Punjabi stallion is fit enough to break every rib his gloves face (including Vaid's). Now the only thing standing between Karan and a champion's belt is Luca Gracia (played by a super stiff Chris Anderson -- an African American with an Italian handle, how inventive is that?)

The Rocky-inspired match has a rather tragic outcome, leaving Angad with very little choice. The move is as ridiculous as Sunny battling out an armed force of 100 in Gadar. Here he challenges to take on a title holder with just a month's preparation. So much that even Dharmendra can't resist quipping: 'Boxers retire at your age.'

This segment of Apne heavily relies on Sylvester Stallone's Oscar-winning classic for moves, mock threats, punches, jibes and spirit. Which means clumsily picturised fights, tacky make-up, inelegant cussing in English (F-word inclusive), a lackluster audience carrying posters that read incorrectly spelled words (Luca Destroy Him, anyone?)

Ideally for Sunny, Apne should have come out a decade earlier when he was at his prime's peak. Here his worn out appearance and diminished vigour lessen the impact of his earnest performance. Even so, his vulnerability spontaneously surfaces in sequences where his father attacks him with acerbic sarcasm.

Brother Bobby shines in his part. Not only is he looking incredibly fresh, but is suitably understated and genial. With barely any lines to speak, he conveys volumes with reverence, determination and awe in his body language.

Definitely, it's Dharmendra's show all the way. Whether it is flirting with his wife (Kiron Kher playing the Punjaban wifey yet again), indulging his grandson, fooling around with his best buddy (a charismatic Victor Banerjee), bucking up his sons to victory or breaking down with a sense of utter failure, he portrays an underachiever with heart, humour and strength of character.

Another good thing is, unlike all the other unconvincingly goody-goody characters in this enterprise, Dharmendra's Baldev is the most believable. His weaknesses are conspicuous. For one, he can't help endangering his sons' lives, in order to feel vindicated.

The ladies -- Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif , provide ample eye candy and shoulder to cry on to their stumbling beaus. Both actresses have enough screen presence not to face any problems doing that.

As much as you enjoy cinematographer Kabir Lal's palette of colours flushed on screen, capturing the best of Chandigarh and New York City, the editing (by Ashfaque Makrani) is strictly below par. With its lengthy narrative and excessive melodrama, Apne tends to drag miserably in parts.

Himesh Reshammiya's weepy title track, popping every two minutes, does not help either. His score is one of the weakest links in the movie.

Ultimately, it is an Anil Sharma film. Going by his past record (Tehelka, Hukumat, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, The Hero: Love Story of a Spy), the man has an amazing appetite for kitsch and absurdities. The movie bears his stamp alright.

But despite all its glaring oddities and palpable flaws, Apne has its heart in place.


Hindi Movie Review : AKS - A Himesh showcase

There are many reasons to make a film but when the reasons are to explain why Himesh Reshammiya always wears a cap or why he never smiles, then God save us!

Two years ago, Himesh and his childhood friend Prashant Chadha decided to make a video of the smash hit single Aashiq Banaya Aapne, featuring the singer-composer. What followed was an unparalleled success story. Now, we have a film that tries to explain the cult of Himesh Reshammiya aka HR.

Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee: The Real Luv Story is about HR, a widely successful rockstar now on the German leg of his world tour. He is a simple God-fearing, non-smiling cap-wearing Indian, who imagines his dream woman in a salwar kameez even though she's walking up to him in a pink party dress! HR not only hears the Gayatri Mantra every time he comes face to face with Riyaa, he also hums a jazzed up version of it when he realises he's in love.

All about Aap Kaa Surroor

In between singing at every occasion and trying to save his izzat from his man-eater manager Ruby (Malika Sherawat), HR manages to get embroiled in the murder of a television reporter. The dead girl's father (Raj Babbar) is convinced that HR is the killer. So is HR's prospective father-in-law (Sachin Khedekar).

Now, it's up to HR to prove his innocence, otherwise Riaa would get married off to someone else.

The film offers nothing except a bad concoction of everything avoidable -- bad acting, clich�d dialogues, terrible one-liners and a cute terminally ill kid who smiles her way into our hearts.

The much-talked about Mehbooba song featuring Himesh with Mallika has no connection with the film's story.

The movie suffers on so many fronts that after some time, you lose the number of problems just like I lost count of the number of caps Himesh sports. He hams his way through the film as if he started acting in the 1980s but finally completed the film 20 years later. Even the songs offer nothing new.

The rest of the cast is passable. Hansika Motwani aka Riaa tries to look cute and manages to successfully employ the same done to death 'am so cute' nuances. But I could not understand why she was trying to copy Sushmita Sen !

Raj Babbar has four scenes, two of them featuring him in the same place, watching the same TV report and holding on to the same emotion.

The film seems disjointed and it's evident that the people behind it just wanted to cash on the Himesh wave. Why else would nicely photographed songs be separated by an inanity trying to masquerade as a script?

The only thing worth remembering in the film was Himesh's sidekick mentioning commenting: 'Agar naak cut gayee, toh gana kaise gayega?' Well, Himesh still has his khatarnak for that.

Download Aa Roje[CD RIP-320 KBPS-VBR-TELUGU] ~ 2007

Download Aa Roje[CD RIP-320 KBPS-VBR-TELUGU] ~ 2007

June 29th, 2007
10:37 am
Click to View
Aa Roje is the forthcoming movie starring newcomer Yashwant with Soumya as the lead pair. Music is scored by Vandemataram Srinivas. The movie is set to be a thriller. Brahmanandam is said to have a very special role in the movie imitating Mahesh Babu from pokiri. Lyrics are penned by Thaidala Bapu, Vitthal & Venkatesh. After receving good response from the crowd with the cassette release aditya music has released the audio cd of the movie into the market recently. Media reports state that Kausha is said to appear in an item song in the movie.
Cast : Yashwant, Soumya, Sairabhanu, Brahmanandam, Kausha, Raghu Babu, M. S. Narayana, Suman Shetty & Krishna Bhagawan Music Director : Vandemataram SrinivasDirector : K. S. KumarProducer : K. V. R (Sri Mahalakshmi Academy)Singers : Karunya, Usha, Suchitra, Ranjith, Naveen, Malli & UdayabinduLyricist : Thaidala Bapu, Vitthal & VenkateshCassettes & CD’s on : Aditya MusicAudio Bitrate : 320 KBPS - VBrSource : CD
1. (00:04:40) Are Are Mama2. (00:04:53) Naa Muddu Pere 3. (00:04:43) Navvindi Navvindi4. (00:04:46) Sayyare Sayya5. (00:04:26) Attaloori Vaadu6. (00:04:53) Naa Muddu Pere (Repeat)
Playing Time………: 00:28:22Total Size………..: 55.38 MB
Are Are Mama
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Naa Muddu Pere
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Navvindi Navvindi
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Sayyare Sayya
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Attaloori Vaadu
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Naa Muddu Pere (Repeat)
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

Download Toss Telugu Movie Songs Download

Download Toss Telugu Movie Songs Download

Toss is the forthcoming movie starring Raja, Upendra, Kamna and Priyamani. The movie is directed by Priyadarshini Ram and Produced by Dev Amar. Manisharma has composed the tunes for the movie. The music is refreshing and melodious. A Must grab album. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy released the audio of the movie. Finally after many mediocre albums by Manisarma he is back on track with Toss. If you are waiting for a good album in the recent days than this one is for you.
Cast : Upendra, Raja, Kamna Jethmalani, Priyamani Music Director : Mani Sarma Director : Priyadarshini Ram Producer : Dev Amar (Dev Film Dreams Pvt Ltd.) Singers : Ranjith, Naveen, Shreya Ghoshal, Rita, Ravi Varma, Rahul & Vijayalakshmi Lyricist(s) : Sai Sriharsha, Ananthasriram, Kandikonda, Ramreddy & Sudhala Ashok Teja Cassettes & CD’s on : Aditya Music Audio Bitrate : 320 KBPS - VBr Source : CD Editor’s Pick : Prema Prema…
1. (00:03:46) Toss Vey 2. (00:04:47) Oh Madhu Vadana 3. (00:04:23) Yeh Babuji 4. (00:04:40) Prema Prema 5. (00:04:25) Yen Chilako 6. (00:03:46) Toss Vey Repeat
Playing Time………: 00:25:46 Total Size………..: 50.56 MB
Toss Vey
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Oh Madhu Vadana
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Yeh Babuji
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Prema Prema
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Yen Chilako
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Toss Vey (Repeat)
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

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Download Sivaji - The boss Videos and Ringtones

 Watch and Download Sivaji - The boss Videos and Ringtones

  • June 23rd, 2007
  • 9:12 pm

Sivaji starring Rajnikanth and Shriya in the lead role is crusing towards breaking all the records set by Indian cinemas till now. With the advance bookings of over a month this movie is definitely one to be the highest weekly grosser of Indian cinema. This is the first movie which has got a amazing response from all over the country and especially North India. This movie is the first ever movie which is non-hindi, non-english to be set as a mark in all the multiplexes of the nation for its marvellous collections. Numerous number of prints are being ordered by distributors to control the increasing craze of the movie. With Shankar’s direction the movie is one dream movie of every movie-goer. This movie is widely received by the people staying in abroad. Even people who don’t speak nor understand Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam are coming forward and watching this movie to see Rajnikanth and his mannerisms. As some people might have problems to catch up a show in the coming days we bring you these exclusive videos and ringtones to get you a dose of Sivaji!


…:::Click here to Download:::…



…:::Click here to Download:::…



…:::Click here to Download:::…



…:::Click here to Download:::…


Vaaji Vaaji

…:::Click here to Download:::…


Ringtones (Polyphonic)

…:::Click here to Download all the ringtones:::…


Ringtones are for MIDI format supported phones.

Daler Mehndi song in NTR's Yamadonga!

Daler Mehndi song in NTR's Yamadonga!
After being embroiled in a controversy over Jhoom Barabar… title song, bhangra-pop singer Daler Mehndi is now heading South. He recently sang a Telugu number for noted music director MM Keeravani for Yamadonga, starring NTR Jr. "Daler has a wonderful voice and I have always been his fan. So it was natural for me to approach him. Moreover, his voice is apt for NTR Jr. I feel the number, Nuvvante Padi Padi Chasta… , will create a sensation," says Keeravani. The film is being produced and directed by SS Raja Mouli.

Yama Donga in August

The release of NTR’s Yamadonga is shifted from 18 July to 1st week of August. The reasons for the delay are attributed to the graphics work and the ongoing incessant rains in AP. Shooting of two songs is pending. Audio of Yamadonga is expected to release on 5 July. NTR and Mamata Mohandas rendered their voice to the remix song of Olammi Tikka Reginda (Yamagola) for this film. Delar Mehandi rendered his voice to a Punjabi type folk song in this film. This song is expected to be the highlight song. Priyamani is acting as another female lead. There will be plenty heroines doing the roles of celestial beauties. The expectations on this film are high because it is coming from the combination that delivered Student No.1 and Simhadri.

Gopichand donates 2 lakhs
Gopichand celebrated his birthday on 12 June this year by visiting Sweekar-Upkar organization and donating 1lakh to the physically challenged orphans out there. He also visited Care hospital and donated one more lakh. However, Gopichand preferred to keep this news as private and did not reveal any of this information to the press. His next film Lakshyam is set to release in the first week of July.

Srikanth donates 2 lakhs
Hero Srikanth announced a help of 2 lakh rupees through CM’s foundation for the victims of latest floods in Andhra Pradesh. He said that whatever he made today is because of the encouragement given by the people of Andhra. Hence it is a small gesture to the victims of the floods. He said that his latest film Operation Duryodhana will become the biggest hit in his career. .

Is Satyanarayana Villain In Real Life Too?
Kaikala Satyanarayana, a Villain-turned –Character artiste, has come out of a dowry related issue with a great difficulty. The relations between his son and daughter-in-law turned sour long ago. They wanted to part their ways. The girl sought the help of women groups in resolving the issue. An eminent director, who is also a politician, too was instrumental in resolving the issue. The girl has 18 acres of coconut gardens on her name. Satyanarayana wanted to have the cost of yield for the last eight years during which the boy and girl together. Women activists were astonished for his argument. “He is villain in real life too’, they commented.

Allu Arjun ready for negative role!
The overwhelming success of "Desamuduru" has made hotshot Telugu star Allu Arjun this year "very special". Allu Arjun has no qualms about doing a negative role. "As an artiste, I feel one should be open to experimenting with different roles. As long as the role is substantial, I would not mind portraying even a negative character. Actually, playing villain is not an easy task!" says the actor. Well, are the directors' listening?

Screen Buzz: Comedian Ali Defies Ageing!
Comedian Ali is much sought after hero. Though his recent film 'Gundamma gari Manavadu' has not made any mark, his ratings remain intact. If any one plans a story with Ali, he is sure of pooling up monetary sources.

When an associate editor in Director Sukumar's team prepared a script, his producers insisted upon keeping Ali in lead role.

They say he is an evergreen hero. Comedian-tuned heroes defy ageing, they add. But the associate editor sincerely admitted that his script would not be suitable for Ali and dropped the idea.

Akkineni May Be Blamed On Land Issue!
The State Government may cause embarrassment to veteran hero Akkineni Nageswara Rao on land issue. The land to the extent of seven acres adjacent to Annapurna Studios is under his occupation. According to Revenue Records, the land doesn’t belong to him. As Akkineni commends respect and reputation, no official has ever put a pointing finger on him. Though NTR tried to make it an issue, when he was the Chief Minister, he kept mum as per his men’s advice. But the Present Government appears to be serious on this occupation.

Arti paired up with Raja Sekhar
Arti Agarwal is paired up with Raja Sekhar in a movie titled ‘Gorintaku’ to be produced by Mega Supergood films. This film is a remake of Kannada blockbuster Annatangi. Meera Jasmine plays sister to Rajasekhar in this film. This film will go to floors on 5 July. VR Pratap directs this film.

Gossip: Priyadarshini Ram Fined For Boozing!
Priyadarshini Ram, who enjoys enviable political clout, had to pay fine for driving a car in drunken state. He is the maker of much publicized film, ‘Toss’. A week ago, when he was returning home in late hours, the police stopped him and tested the level of intoxication with a ‘breath analyzer’. Though he tried to tell about his antecedent and proximity with top ranking congress leaders, they didn’t leave him without fining. All the cops posted there happened to be Non-Telugus, they couldn’t imagine how big he was.

Wallpaper Of The Day 24-06-2007 ( Shreya )

Shreya Wallpapers

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Salman empathises with Paris Hilton!

Bollywood bad boy Salman Khan sympathises with jailed socialite Paris Hilton, but insists she will become a stronger person after her time behind bars. The actor claims to have served several stints in jail for offences but believes the solitude in jail helped calm his wild ways.

He says, “When you are in there, there is no one more important than you. You have to handle being alone. You have to love yourself. Everybody should get this time to be alone. “It will make her a stronger person.” The hotel heiress entered the Detention Facility, California on June 3 this year after she was found guilty of violating her probation from a drink driving arrest last year.

Why is Lokesh marriage a low-key affair?

It was rather disappointing for the Telugu Desam leaders and cadres with TD president N Chandrababu Naidu announcing that he wanted his son Lokesh's marriage with film hero Balakrishna's daughter Brahmani a low key affair. It would be a disappointing news even for the media, since they are banned not only for the engagement to be held on Sunday, but also for the marriage to take place shortly. Yet, some never-say-die mediapersons are trying their best to get the invite.

Sources say Naidu, in fact, wanted to make it a gala ceremony, but his wife Bhuvaneshwari desired that the ceremony should be confined only to the family, since she does not want Lokesh to be in the media limelight so early. It would send wrong signals to the people, as the media would definitely drag him into needless controversy. She wants that Naidu should first concentrate on returning to power and later, can think of giving Lokesh a political appearance.

At the same time, Balakrishna, too, requested Naidu to restrict the marriage only to the family members, because if the TD leaders and activists are invited, it would get the political colour. Except a few well-wishers from outside the family, including those in the film circles, the Lokesh-Brahmani marriage will only be a family function.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Shankardada in Sydney Telugu Film News

Shankardada in Sydney
Megastar Chiranjeevi and Karishma Kotak are romancing in Australia for Shankardada Zindabad. In Sydney, director Prabhudeva is canning two songs on Chiru and Karishma to the tunes of Devi Sri Prasad. After Sydney schedule completed, remaining three songs will be shot in Hyderabad at various studios. Audio of this movie will be released on June 22nd through Aditya Music. Gemini Film Circuits is producing the film. The logo of the film's title was officially unveiled recently. It is slated for July release.

Prabhas and Shirya back together?
Shriya is in limelight again. Thanks to the super success of Shivaji. She is catapulted to super heroine in Tamilnadu. Even in Tollywood, she is lured by the top filmmakers. Buzz is that she has already been approached by a top director for his next film with Prabhas. Shriya and Prabhas have already worked together in superhit "Chatrapathi." The successful pair is likely to be together again.

Hansika opposite NTR?
Buzz doing rounds is that sensuous beauty Hansika has cast opposite NTR in his next film. Hansika who made debut with Desamuduru became popular after the film's success. Industry news is that she is finalized for producer Ashwinidutt's next movie with NTR. That is to be directed by Meher Ramesh, former associate of director Puri Jagannadh.
The film rolls on September. Manisharma is the music director.

Tollywood Comedy and Music Festival in Milwaukee
On Saturday, June 9th, Telugus in Milwaukee were treated with a great spectacle of hilarious comedy and appealing tollywood music.

The duo of Siva Reddy and Vijayalakshmi made the audience clap, dance, whistle to the tunes of mimicry items continuously over a period of four hours.

There was huge response from the members and their families who attended in large numbers for this event that was held in Pewaukee High School Auditorium.

The crowd were active participants in this high drama and excitement. Vijayalakshmi was the crowd favorite and she sang several hit telugu songs both from old and recent films. She was melodious and also graceful in dancing to her own tunes.

The children got the kick of the music and they ran to the stage in a group to perform to Vijjayalakshmi tunes.

Meghna’s peeved with Rakhi Sawant
Actress Meghna Naidu is angry. Recently, it was reported that she performed at a show with another item girl, Rakhi Sawant. But, Meghna says that this piece of news isn’t true and that ‘some people were trying to get publicity by taking her name’.

“It’s so silly! I haven’t done a show with Rakhi for over three years now. And the photograph used by the tabloid was clicked at a recent function where I met her for a few seconds.” Meghna’s focus is now on Bollywood movies. “I have been working very hard on my body and looks. I have started playing tennis everyday, doing yoga and meditation and I try to get to bed early. In fact, I have stopped going out and don’t even party much now. Also, I have become choosy about my roles in films. And so, at this juncture, when people use my name to garner publicity, it really hurts.” Now wonder what Rakhi has to say to that?

Sriram wife denies suicide rumours
On Monday evening, the Chennai city was abuzz with rumours that Vandana Reddy, the wife of actor Sriram had attempted suicide following the reports that Sriram is going in for a legal separation from her. Certain sections of the vernacular media carried reports that she had attempted suicide and had been admitted to hospital. The rumours claimed that she had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and was said to be in a critical condition and her mother was by her side.

However, when contacted her, Vandana herself answered the phone and said that she is not a coward to resort to such extreme measures. “I don’t know how such rumours come about. I will never do something so stupid,” she said. Regarding the case, both Sriram and Vandana were scheduled to attend a counselling session at the Vadapalani police station on Tuesday morning to decide on the next best step towards resolving their marital differences.

Film Buzz: She Talks about Sex and Nude Poses
While Rakhi Sawanth placed herself in the main film news by posing in skimpy dresses and showing her straight forward and blatant nature, another actress Mona Chopra is taking other way to shoot up in news. Recently when a journalist asked her opinion on 'dating', she openly said, "What dating? That's silly and childish. Ask me about mating. I can tell better. Dating is a waste of time". Is that not startling?

Freshly she said that if there isn't any censor board she would love to show every inch of her body nude. She says that she knows that's he is beautiful and will not hide anything before camera if she is permitted to show.

Well, she also says that she is stern against to pornography! Is it not confusing! It seems that she is simply trying to make some news.

Gossip: Bhanupriya At Loss Of Words!
hanupriya, a heroine of yesteryears, has not fully recovered from depression. She is doing the role of hero's mother in EVV's 'Pellaindi Kaani'. Her forgetfulness is coming on her way in acting. She is at loss of words in the middle of the action. She had suffered seriously from mental agony for personal reasons for many years. She lived alone all these years. She had no offers from the Industry. As Jaysudha rejected the role in 'Pellaindi Kaani..', she was booked. Bhanupriya, however, finds it difficult to do justice to the role. She is trying her best. EVV strongly believes she will recover soon.

Shriya with Prabhas after Rajni Kanth
Shriya is now free and ready to act in any number of films. For many weeks she has been with Shankar for the film 'Sivaji'. She gave away her bulk dates for him for about a year. Although she acted in couple of Tamil films she has been far from full time Telugu films.

Now she is hitting the floors with Prabhas in the direction of Poori Jagannath. Initially Trisha was considered for the role but now Shriya is grooved in. The film would hit the floors after the release of Ram Charan Teja's 'Chirutha' on 22 nd September. The film will be produced by KS Rama Rao and the script is titled 'Shadow' as of now.

We have to wait see if there will be any updated news regarding this.